Admission Criteria for Stately Living

Prior to admission, a registered nurse will evaluate a potential resident to ensure they meet admission criteria.

1.   The amount of personal care, supervision, and protection needed is available in the home.

**the home will not accept a resident who requires continuous nursing care**

2.   The services, skills and physical accommodations required are available at the home.

3.   The potential resident appears to be compatible with the other residents currently residing in the home.

4.    The potential resident is not considered dangerous to self or other residents. 

5.   The potential resident agrees to comply with our requirement that all medications be kept in a locked cabinet.

6.   The potential resident is able to tolerate a regular diet or a therapeutic diet that can be prepared by the home. 

7.   The potential resident agrees to allow for general supervision and care in the home, specifically in regards to assistance with bathing, dressing, or personal hygiene from the staff on duty regardless of gender or race of staff.

8.   The potential resident is free of communicable diseases and does not require isolation.

9.   The potential resident does not require the use of restraints.

10. The potential resident or financially responsible party is able to pay for room and board and care.  And maintain current with monthly expense.